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ceravolo mechanical construction

In business for over fifty years, the firm ceravolo mechanical construction, is characterized by a consolidated corporate structure that has achieved a prestigious position in the field of mechanical engineering, grinding engines, spare parts. This is thanks to the company’s policy always attentive to the needs of market and always looking for new equipment. Strength and primary objective is the professionalism in work and in relationships with customers, maintaining high product quality.

The company ceravolo mechanical construction is provided by the most modern equipment for the construction of components, among them the main are CNC lathes, our lathes provide excellent cost-performance value and aim at the same time to achieve higher speeds and greater precision, thanks also to the possibility of adding the function of milling, drilling, tapping, to pass from raw material to finished product.


Ceravolo mechanical construction leader in the industry for over 50 years from now is also social, discover our news on the official twitter or our gallery always updated with the last shots on instagram, you can also visit our Facebook page to keep you informed on our offers. You can also contact us via email or phone for any further information, or contact us directly by the form of the website, look the contact page for more information.


Our company, the ceravolo mechanical construction is able to preserve and affect all types of goods that should be transported, shipped by land, sea and air, also stored for a long time according to specific industry regulations. Furthermore our company is able to provide products ready and packed in all parts of the world, ensuring quick and safe shipping. Ceravolo mechanical construction ensures that the expedition is successful.